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The Stone Master,
Angel of Harmony,
Archangel of Paradise,
Patron of Artists and Illumination
AKA Iophel, Iofiel, Jofiel, Yofiel, Youfiel, Zophiel, Zuriel, Zuriël, Tzuri'el, Tsophiel, Tsuriel, Dina, Din
Gender Male,Female ⚧
Color Green 
Element Water 🜄
Planet Saturn ♄, Jupiter ♃
Zodiac Libra ♎

Jophiel (Hebrew: יוֹפִיאֵל‎, lit. 'beauty of God'), also known as Tsophiel (Hebrew: צֹפִיאֵל‎, lit. 'watchman of God') and Zuriel (Hebrew: צוּרִיאֵל‎, lit. 'God is my rock'),[1][2] is an angel or archangel who is not listed in the scriptures, but is remembered in Hebrew text as part of a trinity of powers that stood in defense of the Jews during their most trying battles. Stories are told of Jophiel standing like a soldier of heroic sacrifice, blocking the way so that others may escape. When rooted to the spot, he cannot be moved. When present, it is said that no enemy can pass.[3]

He encourages us to be more harmonious, sociable, and appreciative of beauty and spirituality around us. He assists in learning, passing tests, dissolution of ignorance, pride, and narrow-mindedness, and exposure of wrongdoing in governments and corporations. Jophiel fights pollution, cleaning up our planet and brings to mankind the gift of Beauty.[4] Jophiel is also said to be ruler of the libra (an ancient unit of weight) and curer of stupidity.[3]

Jophiel is the divine angel of vitality and reproduction, bringing fertility and evolution or change, as well as magic and mystic knowledge. He guards newborn babies - you can find amulets invoking him - and has a connection with water, with an amazing ability to create oasis and to flood where it is needed. He creates fountains and springs for the thirsty. Zuriel is also a healing angel. This beautiful angel heals illnesses, both physical and mental (including depression and dementia).[5]


Jophiel was reportedly involved in is the Roman siege of the Jewish zealots gathered at Masada in 66 AD. There a few hundred people defended the fortress against the entire Roman army for seven years. In the end the people were starved out or they committed suicide.[3]

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