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A painting of a goatman.

A goatman is a cryptid shapeshifter that is capable of mimicking human appearance, but not behaviors or voices. It's possible goatmen can interfere with a human's senses or perception. A goatman is seemingly resistant to conventional damage; weapons seem to cause them pain, but there has never been a single encounter where the goatman was destroyed with any certainty. They're known to appear either as extra members of a group, or as strangers that appeared mysteriously and try to mingle with a group.

One of the most well known legends of a goatman is an axe murderer in Maryland, but rather than a shapeshifter, this goatman was believed to be a scientist who went mad after experimenting on goats and began attack cars driving nearby his lab with an axe.[1]

The motivations of goatmen are unknown, but it's apparent they're more interested in simply interacting with humans by frightening them than killing them. They may also be protecting their territory. Some speculate goatmen and fleshgait are the same creatures, but with different hunting methods or goals.

Modus Operandi

A creature can be spotted lurking in the darkness when contrast is turned up.

A goatman will first stalk a group of humans. It will observe them and learn phrases it can use later. During this phase, its presence can be determined by a sudden lack of natural sounds, such as birdsong or wind blowing. An overpowering stench may also manifest.

Goatmen are skilled infiltrators. They will try to subtly mingle with a group of people by taking a human form and then talking just enough to be convincing. If its goal is to scare, it may instead appear in front of a group of people in its true form.

Once they have infiltrated a group, goatmen may try to either scare or hurt the humans. If its cover is blown, it will become unpredictable and exhibit behaviors such as wide grinning, dry-heaving, or resort to more extreme forms of mimicry, as well as pursuit and further infiltration.


Goatmen encounters occur for the most part in the woods, but they have also been seen in mountainous regions, deserts, and close to human civilization such as ranches and suburbs.


If you believe that you are being observed by a goatman, do not get separated from your group and try to refrain from talking, or at least discussing personal information. The more it knows, the better it can replace a member of the group. A head count is a good way to determine if a goatman has infiltrated a group.

While no goatmen deaths have been reported, being shot at causes it pain which may make it leave, giving enough time to return to safety. Goatmen are believed to be able to influence perception, so don't give up on safety precautions or escape until you are either indoors or out of the wilderness.

Reported Encounters