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Energy is the capacity to do work on objects.

Across a wide diversity of beliefs, different notions of energy share similarities. Numerous traditional conceptions of energy believe it to be connected to consciousness, emotion, and the "life-force" of organisms, as well as the ability to facilitate healing.

Types of Energy

Energy Blockages

An energy blockage is a stagnation of energy within the etheric body. Restricted energy flow can affect the ability of chakras to function, and consequently can affect one's emotions, health, and psychic ability.[1]

Clearing blockages

One way to clear these blockages is to purge them from the energy system using "clean energy", or energy without any programming. To do so, run a small amount of energy through the system and feel any slowing or stopping if the blocks aren't already known. Once they're all found, the energy should be programmed to push or clean the troubled energy from the system.

Energy parasites

Maybe there are things that feed on energy.


Maybe energy can be programmed in some way.


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