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The Wish Granter
AKA Chenor, Chemor, Claniel
Gender Male ♂
Element Air 🜁

Chaniel, also known as Chemor among other variations, is a demon used in the Alphabet of the Genii to represent the letter corresponding to "C". He one of the 12 servitors of Macariel, chief duke and commander of 400 servitors of his own. He can appear in a variety of forms or none at all when summoned, though most commonly he appears as a dragon "with a virgin's head". He is good-natured and willing to obey but will never stay in any one place for long. He knows the true and selfish intentions of humans and will grant a wish in exchange for something of equivalent value.[1]

In The Book of the Angel Raziel, he is described as one of the amulet angels, guardian of the West Wind, to be invoked during the birthing of a child to protect both the newborn and its mother from harm and illness. He is one of 4 angels who have repeated entries (24 and 64).[2][3]

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