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Word Salad is nonsense writing or speaking, originating from a symptom of schizophrenia, that can help free your mind and let in more, um, "lateral" thoughts. Side effects include more vivid dreams, a fuller vocabulary, and of course, creative leaps of faith. If you're thinking this might be useful with Discordian Magick, you would be absolutely wrong.

Basically you write the words and non-words that enter your mind; the more disconnected and quickly, the better. Contriving a snooty sentence form helps as well, as long as the content is completely wacko.

Generally better for writing than for reading, here are two examples.

1. The Sarcastic "[sic]", by Robert Fisk

Paradoxically, when she purloins riggot messes, as she does with over-the-shoulder looks and the countenance of a person receiving a secret windfall, gnats bespeckle. Intern Ship kipper lips and fantastic Moya barnacles (in space!). Though the parenthetical ain't the curiouser, and the cracking chamber hasn't her incisive sensibily--which bemoans licorice the way magicians use the slight of hand, turning keys beyond their scratch-n-sniff, resting a bit to make way for Fate to carry some of the burden, yet never (or at least hoping "never" underbreath) set pique or crimson in faithful toilets, the likes of which are now unappreciated workhorses of the day.

2. aerobic juxtaposition of adding intent

Sliced capital extraordinary and sling, barking wombat fat and green, not in pattern, not in slight, night right fights the bright white kite. And atop a hill, slouching and windblown, creepy carl cocks a saying, memory from bones, "Rock 'n Roll Jesus with a Cowboy Mouth", Did Penny and her penpal in the park turn south? Suburban children on their playlist run, up then down the hill, overunity is fun.

Magickal Applications

I have not actually tried it, but i think it might be a good way to atempt automatic writing. Many people feel awkward when they first try automatic writing or something similar. I mean, you sit there and are supposed to recieve something, but nothing really happens. Word salad should be a wonderful way to relax and simply do it, without worrying. Of course, to get results, this should be combined with a little ritual stating the intent and/or question, and maybe a means to reach gnosis. Inviting an entity one want to work with may also be a good idea, or alternatively politely asking your own subconsciousness/inner child/whatever to communicate with you. Afterwards a banishing rite would be appropriate.

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