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Yo! Been browsing /x/ since its conception. I unfortunately was not necessarily around as much as others might have been - I would usually browse it a bunch over a few days/weeks then not go back on for almost a year, heh. But for the past year or so I've been going at a pretty normal frequency.

...not that any of that really matters, but there, now you know.

You won't see me trip on /x/ because nah. I barely post anyways.

I am here primarily to correct syntax problems in articles. My goal is to help our articles look more, well, encyclopedic!

I think this is generally a really cool idea and would like to see it grow. I know for while we're gonna be busy focusing on primarily loading up with content, but hopefully over time the articles as a whole can become more refined with proper syntax/grammar, structure, and citation.

I consider myself friendly, as I've said before. I'm only here to help out.

Really, since we're all anonymous here, there's no point of having a user page, I've found out. But oh well. Just for novelty!