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This is the {{Cite}} template.


You can copy the horizontal form or vertical form below and then add in extra attributes from the full list. Spacing and ordering is irrelevant.

{{Cite |last= |first= |date= |title= |page= |url= |note= }}

| last       =
| first      =
| date       =
| title      =
| page       =
| url        =
| note       =
  • last: The author's last name or surname.
  • first: The author's first or given name(s).
  • date: The date the referred source was last modified.
  • title: The title of the source.
  • page: The page(s) being referenced when citing a book.
  • url: A url of an online location where the item can be found. If the url includes double quotes, these must be encoded as "%22".
  • note: An optional note to be appended to the reference. For instance, it might be used to warn the reader of NSFW content.