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Further subsections:
Would you like the article like that?
I think advanced incense making and a list of the most commonly used ingredients should go into separate articles or this will become really bloated.

Methods for incense burning

  • Charcoal impregnated with potassium nitrate
  • natural charcoal
  • candle and sieve

general history

  • Acient Greece/Rome
  • biblical references
  • christian churches
  • Use in India and Asia
  • use by American Indians
  • use by eurasian shamans

historical use in ritual magick

  • Goethia
  • Abramelin
  • Others

possible modern uses

  • symbolical use in ritual (use of symbol plants)
  • use for the smell mainly, zB as olfactory sigil
  • use as symbolical representation of fire
  • use in order to take advantage of possible physical actions of the substances used (mild sedation or intoxication and such)

Elseware 01:55, 19 May 2005 (BST): We currently have no info at all on incense so I'd go with the plan you want. You can create pages of any name you like so feel free to create pages for herbs, pages for techniques etc. You can also add a standard menu to each page, eg. like Tarot. Comment on this page if you need more help figuring how to do that.

I am nameless who has forgotten her password and therefor adopted a name LOL. I have changed my mind about that article: I will limit this one to modern uses, and eventually write another one about the history of incense. This is getting really long. Putting the history in too would make it really bloated i think. It's sad i'm the only one writing about this here. I hope others will throw in their experiences after a while. Eusebia 19:50, 9 Jul 2005 (BST)