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[god] frequently listed as one of the Lokapalas

Soma, the Moon, Cup of Offerings The moon is the vessel of divine ambrosia, drunk by the ancestors and the gods; it is the chalice of immortality, the chalice of semen. The moon is the ruler of the world of stars and the symbol of the world beyond death. The moon is made of the bones of Kama, god of lust. Soma is the presiding deity of the watery element and rules over the tides of the sea. Lord of plants, the deity protecting all vegetable life. Moon, represented as a god, he has a crescent on his forehead, accompanied by the Sun and two queens. His attributes are white. His vehicle is the antelope. He is two spans tall and is seated on a lotus. Sometimes he is depicted as seated in a chariot with three wheels that is drawn by 10 white horses, 5 on each side.

(description by Lila Durga)