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Saturn in Roman Mythology

In Roman mythology, Saturn is the ancient god of agriculture, whom in later legends is identified with Kronos whom ruled the Golden Age of perfect happiness and peace, before he was dethroned by Zeus (Roman name: Jupiter). On December 17 of each year, it is believed that the Golden Age was restored for seven days by the celebration of the festival of Saturnalia. Executions, military operations, and executions were postponed during time, and it was a short period of goodwill, devoted to exchange of gifts and banquets. The festival also including giving freedom to slaves, whom were placed first at the family table and served by their owners.

Saturn was married to Ops (the goddess of plenty), and his children included Zeus, Juno, Neptune, Pluto, and Ceres. Saturn is usually depicted as bearded, carrying an ear of corn or a sickle.

Saturn in Hermetic traditions

In Hermetic traditions of magic, Saturn is connected to the basilisk. The planetary intelligence of Saturn is Agiel, and the spirit of Saturn is Zazel. The talisman of Saturn is supposed to give the wearer help in childbirth, safety and power, and give success in dealings with those in authority. The negative affects of Saturn are hindrances, dishonor, discord and army dispersions.

Saturn in Neopagan Witchcraft

In neopagan Witchcraft, Saturn is usually associated with the elements of Earth and Water, and the mental plane. Saturn acts in forms of binding, limits, obstructions, and restrictions. Some of the concepts that Saturn rules are knowledge, time, death, temperance, endurance, and Karma.

Saturn in Astrology

In Astrology, Saturn symbolizes responsibility and hard work. Saturn also represents diligence and self-control, realism and maturity. Saturn in a questioner’s chart usually represents how well one accepts responsibility, and how trustworthy and reliable the individual is. Negative affects of Saturn include selfishness, illness, and misfortune. Saturn, however, also rules destiny, or Fate; and overcoming obstacles and hardships.

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