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Палочник (palochnik, Russian for "stickman") also known as Pinocchio (Буратино) and "Russian Slender Man is an internet urban legend and Russian cryptid. Two videos and a handful of images have supposedly been made of the creature, showing it as an unnaturally tall, spindly humanoid with a featureless face and the apparent ability to extend and retract its four limbs. It's often reported as bending in too many places and climbing on the sides of buildings.


station992.mkv is a 45-second video recorded on a cell phone showing a view from the window of a multi-story apartment complex. It takes place in the middle of the night and seems to show a figure with 4-7 telescoping limbs climb out of a window and on the side of the building. Supposedly the file was found during an investigation of missing people in Moscow. 49 people in the area had gone missing, and 2 people disappeared the night the video was recorded. After the video was submitted to the state, the military combed the area only to find nothing. Witnesses were asked to stay quiet about the operation.

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