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Orgonite (as it is popularly called) is a type of device invented by Don and Carol Croft based on the condensed orgone accumulator design of Karl Welz (which is copyrighted under the name "orgonite"), differentiated by the addition of crystals (particularly Quartz), and the inclusion of large bits of metal rather than his use of solely metallic nanoparticles. All orgonite pieces are composed of at least three elements: metal particles or shavings, crystals, and an organic binding agent (usually some kind of resin).

More specific designs and elements of orgonite have been developed since the original, including:

  • Tower Buster (TB)
    • A cheap form of orgonite made by dumping crystals and a roughly even mix of metal shavings and epoxy resin into a small, bowl-shaped mold. This gets its name from its use, "gifting" cellphone towers to attempt to convert some of the emitted DOR into POR.
  • Holy Hand Grenade (HHG)
    • Cone shaped pieces with the highest possible metal shaving saturation (essentially filling a cone shape entirely with metal shavings and pouring in resin to close the gaps)
  • Powered
    • Certain orgonite designs use pulsated electricity pumped through particular kinds of coils to attempt to amplify the POR production.

Construction and Improvement

In principal, orgonite is very simple to construct, requiring little more than mixing the ingredients and letting the resin cure. However, techniques have been developed to try to amplify its effect which take more complicated structures being integrated into their design, or into their layout in relation to each other. Loohan[1] outlines quite a few coils and mineral/herbal additives that have, in his experience, added to the effectiveness of orgonite.

Making grids of orgonite around an area (like your house) have been suggested to increase their area of effect.

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