List of Mandela effects

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This is a list of alternate timelines which were experienced by a large number of people. These phenomena are collectively grouped under the mandela effect.


  • Berenstain Bears being Berenstein Bears instead.[1]
  • Billy Graham's funeral was before 2013, his actual time of death.[2]
  • "Brussel sprouts" have always been "Brussel's sprouts"


  • "Depend's adult diapers" are actually "Depend adult diapers"


  • Interview with the Vampire being Interview with a Vampire instead.[3]


A side by side comparison. The actual logo is on top.
  • The Ford logo with or without a curl
  • "Fruit Loops" have always been "Froot Loops"


  • The human heart is anatomically exactly centered in the chest, as opposed to being offset to the left (eg "hand over heart")
  • What many remember as "Hoss Avocados" are "Hass Avocados" and have a different origin


  • "Liquid plumber" is spelled "liquid-plumr" since 1969


  • There is no such thing as a "Macintosh apple". Canonically, they're called McIntosh and the name of Apple's computer line was a misspelling.


  • Nelson Mandela died in prison in the 1980s, despite being alive until 2013 (the source of the name of this phenomena).
  • New Zealand was Northwest of Australia rather than Southeast.[4]


  • "Scotch Guard" has always been "Scotch Gard"
  • Sri Lanka moved from the south to the south-east of India. [5]
  • "Stouffer's Stovetop Stuffing" has never been owned by Stouffer's, it's a Kraft product.


  • "Van Camp's Pork and Beans" has been "Van Camp Pork and Beans" since the 1880s


  • "White out" has been spelled "wite out" since 1956

Wizard of Oz

  • The Witch never says the phrase "fly my pretties, fly!". The closest to this that she says is "take better care of those ruby slippers, I want those most of all. Now fly! Fly! ... Fly!"
  • The Scarecrow has a gun in one scene

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