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[god] frequently listed as one of the Lokapalas

Ishana, the Ruler, a form of Rudra-Shiva Embodiment of air, purifier, all pervading, nourishing of all that has a body. The face of Shiva that looks upward represents the enjoyer-of-nature and is transparent like crystal.

Ishana is the master of knowledge, embodiment of all forms of learning. He is connected to the element of air, to the sense of touch, to the hand. As the solar aspect of Shiva, Ishana is sometimes shown as copper-coloured. As a separate deity Ishana is five faced. Accompanied by a She-Goat (the power of nature, Prakriti) he holds in his hands the Vedas, an elephant goad, a noose, a hatchet, a skull, a drum, a rosary, a trident and makes the gestures of removing fear and granting boons.

(description by Lila Durga)