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A hedge witch is a class of witch particularly involved with nature. The name derives from ancient villages symbolizing the borders between them with a hedge, thus a "hedge witch" can see beyond the border and perceive messages from the other world. It may also have its roots in the Saxon word hægtesse, meaning "skilled-witch". Shamans are often considered a type of hedge witch thanks to their ability to communicate with spirits. Hedge witches are usually herbalists and are drawn to medicine and healing.

Hedge witches are typically solitary and highly individualistic people, as opposed to wiccans who tend to form covens of three or more people. They prefer the shady parts of nature and have their own moral code of conduct. Their altars are typically simplistic and heavily incorporate nature. They tend to avoid wands, flowers, and other ornaments, preferring practicality and simplicity. As such, they tend to eschew ceremony in favor of intuitive work.[1]