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Hallucination refers to the act of perceiving a hallucination, usually in a derisive manner meant to imply that the quality of that perception is unnatural, or does not originate from the world beyond oneself. However, science[who?] now posits that all perception is hallucinatory in nature, and that any ability to model the external world is a form of internal representation that must by definition exist in the brain. Academia has thus split the hard problem of consciousness into two parts, equally as complex as the original problem:

  1. How does the representation layer form so symmetrically between causally separated brains? ("Why are inputs so often consistent?")
  2. How does the (apparently separate) layer composing our locus of control coordinate the entire class of hand-eye problems in a fully generalized scope? ("Why does my body move so seamlessly in accordance with my intent to move it?")