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Hades (also associated with the Roman god Pluto) is the god of the underworld and wealth in Greek Mythology. He is also called Dis Pater (Rich Father) by the Romans. He is king of the dead, but is not Death himself (Thanatos).


He is a dark god, dismal and unpitying, but is not evil. He is the ruler of the eponymous Hades (Underworld), which he rules with his queen, Persephone. Hades sits on a throne made of ebony, and carries a scepter.


Hades is brother to Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, and Hestia. His wife and queen is Persephone, who leaves him during the spring months to be with her mother, Demeter.

He is the son of Kronus and Rhea.


Hades was owner of a helmet or cap that made the wearer invisible. He was also the possessor of the Bident. He is associated with the metals of the earth, and therefore money, which is made from the very same metals. Pomegranates, which he gave to his wife Persephone to force her to stay in the underworld, are also associated with him.