Great Lakes Triangle

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A map of the region supposed to be the center of activity.

Commonly called the Bermuda Triangle of the Great Lakes, the Great Lakes Triangle is a triangular region of Lake Michigan purported to be the location of innumerable strange events and disappearances, possibly even more than the Bermuda Triangle. The first reports of strange activity date as far back as the fifteenth century.

To date, at least 40 aircraft have disappeared, including the Disappearance of Flight 2501, in which a downed passenger airplane with four high-powered engines capable of coping with major upheavals crashed, but the remains were never discovered, even with sonar. The radars of O'Hare International Airport frequently report unidentified aircraft with no visual, so-called "aircraft ghosts", confusing flight controllers. These images appear and disappear without explanation and have been confirmed to not be defects in the equipment.

Among the strangest of the mysteries was the disappearance of the Schooner, which disappeared without a trace in a storm on Lake Michigan on May 21, 1891 while sailing from Chicago to Muskegon, Michigan. Seven sailors, including Captain George C. Albrecht, were lost with the ship, never to be found.

The cases of the presence of UFOs in the region is so great that the Federal Aviation Administration created a special service to catalog reported sightings. Many of these are USO sightings.

There are places in which there are mysterious and inexplicable disappearances of people, ships, and even airplanes. Among these sites, the most famous is the Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean. But there is also another, with greater incidence sinister and inexplicable occurrences. Its name? Triangle of the Great Lakes.

— The Mysterious Triangle of the Great Lakes


  • The Mysterious Triangle of the Great Lakes