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A depiction of GOFLOWOLFOG's form.
The sigil designed for evoking GOFLOWOLFOG.

GOFLOWOLFOG (mirrored "GO FLOW") is an egregore created during a magickal seminar in London to ease traffic stoppages and generally cause movement. He takes the form of a shades-wearing cat riding a skateboard, and his disposition is cool, stylish, relaxed, speedy, and graceful. He brings with him wind and a noise sounding like "Neeowww". GOFLOWOLFOG's humorous design was chosen to relax and elate those evoking him, as traffic jams tend to cause stress.[1]


GOFLOWOLFOG can be summoned by using the sound associated with him ("Neeowww") as a mantra, focusing on his sigil, or mentally calling out to him. Evocation can be enhanced by imagining oneself as a cool, stylish "dude". The offerings he likes most are allowing others to move (such as letting another move into the same lane) and being nice to the next encountered cat, though others may be suitable.[1]


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