Flower of life

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Full flower of life pattern.
Flower of life without the rim.
How the tree of life is derived from the flower of life

The flower of life is a core geometric relationship in sacred geometry. It symbolizes the progression of the creation of the universe, including innumerable mathematical relations with physics correlates.

Creation story

Before anything, there was nothing; a void everywhere in all directions. With nothing else to move in relation to, God could not experience anything.

In order to have something to move in relation to, it created an equidistant space in all directions.

To explore more of the universe, it moved as far as it could in any direction and created another space.

From here, the pattern is continued, first creating the trinity.

Then moving to complete the pattern.

The result is known as the seed of life. The pattern can be continued indefinitely, but traditionally stops at 3 or 4 layers of circles. Some[who?] say this was to hide the true nature of the pattern known as the "fruit of life".

Fruit of life

Fruit of life overlaid on the contained flower of life.
The fruit of life itself.

The fruit of life is said to contain all of the information for manifesting reality.

In media

The Walmart logo after 2008 resembles the flower of life