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Visible and Invisible
AKA Eoligos, Eligor, Abigor, Abigar, Abygor
Gender Male ♂
Legions 60
Color Green , Yellow , Red 
Metal Copper
Day Thursday
Planet Venus ♀
Zodiac Leo ♌
Plant Thyme

Enn: Aylan Abigor tasa uan on ca; Jedan on ca Eligos inan Enochian chant: Torgiv Micalzo Eligor-Abigor Zorge, Niis, Taviv![1]

The demon Eligos (Hebrew: אליל גוr‎, lit. 'whelp idol'), also known as Abigor ("having led from nowhere")[1] is a grand duke in Hell serving under Fleurety[2] and helper of Vaal.[1] His name (Eligos) refers to his adulation by young men. Eligos appears as a handsome man in a red coat and copper helmet on a red horse, holding a standard, scepter, or serpent. He knows all the secrets of war and sees the future. He teaches leaders to win the loyalty of soldiers. He discovers hidden things, within or outside the self, and knows of things to come, particularly in war. He causes love between people.[3]

He is apt for divination and the performance of spells to strategize one's life. He can coerce spirits and bring about financial success. He can reveal any black magic or spiritual influence which is working against you and impart advice on how to handle a feud. He can advise you when and when not to use magic and give aid in court cases. The horse he's seen riding, commonly called "The Steed of Abigor" was a gift to Eligos from Bael, reanimated from one of the original horses in the Garden of Eden. The horse, most commonly called "The Steed of Abigor", was a gift to Eligos from Bael and was reanimated from one of the original horses from the Garden of Eden.[4]


You can make a pact with Eligor for success in business and finances, as well as winning a court case.

  • On a Thursday, set up an altar in a North direction
  • Draw the sigil of Eligos and place it in a frame on the altar, along with a Seven of Wands card
  • Use sandalwood oil on a yellow or green candle, to attract the demon to the space
  • You could also use the demons preferred herb of thyme in or on the candle
  • Perfume the work space with sandalwood incense
  • Write a petition of what you want to achieve in the court case
  • Call to the demon using his enn
  • When you feel a presence, state your petition with passion until you expand all your energy.
  • Place the petition either:
    • on an offering plate or bowl on your altar
    • Burn the petition in the offering bowl
    • Place the petition under a prepared Court Case candle, allowing to burn for 5 to 7 days.
  • Ground your energy as desired.[5]



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