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There are several forms of dowsing. The most commonly known form is using a y shaped stick to find the source of a well. the two protruding arms of the y are grasped tightly in the hands and twisted inwards to create a dynamic tension. The Dowser then walks back and forth across a prescribed area and watches the end of the stick. when the stick is drawn sharply downwards, it indicates the presence of water. Although the phenomenon has never been explained by science, dowsing is still the preferred method of locating a well head in most of the civilized world, due to its uncanny effectiveness.

Also used in dowsing are 'L' shaped rods, which cross at the appropriate moment, or the pendulum, who's direction and ferocity of swing can indicate many things. The most basic form of dowsing is empty handed, but it is not an easy thing to learn.

Lost objects can be located through dowsing, as can the proper path out of a forest. A pendulum can also be used to find ley lines, detect the presence of poison, and to answer questions, like an oracle. For oracular use, the different directions of swing are given significance by the querent, who then allows the pendulum to swing on its own, thereby answering the question asked.

A modern variation of this ancient divination method is the pendulum.