Devil's toybox

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An unfinished devil's toybox missing the last mirror pane.

A devil's toybox is a box formed from 6 inward-facing square mirrors (though some suggest any platonic solid will work[1]). Supposedly, after several minutes of assembly, strange noises, including growling, can be heard. It was popularized and invented by Joshua P. Warren.[2][3] Additionally, traditional EVP has been reported to occur, and phenomena is found to be more pronounced in haunted houses (though it still occurs without).[1]



  • 6 same-sized square mirrors
  • Duct tape or some other kind of binding
  • (Optional) recording device (for EVP)


Devil's toybox construction.jpg
  1. Carefully attach the tape to one of the blunt sides to one of the mirrors, making sure there are no bubbles.
  2. Move another mirror into place (mirrored side inwards, the edge partially covering the last mirror's mirrored side) and fold the tape onto the blunt side of the new mirror, again making sure there's no bubbles.
  3. Repeat 1-2 until you have a perfect square of mirrors.
  4. Carefully place a 5th mirror on top of the mirror square, mirrored side inwards, and tape each of the 4 sides.
  5. For the last panel, it's suggested you don't tape it entirely shut so it can be easily disassembled (the phenomena shouldn't occur unless all 6 mirrors are in place). That is, tape only one side so it can act as a hinge.


Most explanations for the phenomena suggest that spiritual energy is able to get into the box, but the mirrors reflect it back inwards if it tries to escape. Of note is also the magickal practice of using mirrors to both trap spirits and act as a gateway to other planes.[4][5]


The Devil's Toybox has appeared on the premiere of the Animal Planet show Ghostland Tennessee, in which they used it to trap a spirit, and the popular paranormal podcast Coast to Coast AM.[4][5][2]


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