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In Eastern philosophy, Chi (also romanized as Qi or Ki in Japanese) is the name for the energy found in all things. Chi can translate to "breath", "blood", "energy", or "force", depending on the particular application or interpretation of it. For instance, in martial arts, chi can refer to the force or energy put into a strike, while in meditation, one draws in breath as chi. Chi is made up of yin and yang energies; these two parts are complimentary in nature, and both are required to maintain harmony.

In Chinese medicine, chi is stockpiled in the Dan Tien, a location in the abdomen a few inches below the navel, though it is present everywhere in the body. It can be drawn in through breathing, through the Lao Gong points, which are located in the centre of the palms of the hands, and through the Bubbling Spring (Yungchuan), which are located on the bottoms of the feet, generally located just behind the ball of the foot in the centre.

Concepts relating to chi can be found prominently in such areas as martial arts (particularly internal arts), accupuncture, chi kung and meditation.

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