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Change the permissions so that people without login can't change or edit existing articles. I got two marked for deletion on my articles from anonymous and I won't work with that.

Disinfo or not, this wiki is not just about spooky skeletons or people wanting to be scared like the SCP, we will also have articles on spiritual work which includes or does not include hallucinogenic stuff. If you want to start deleting articles, then at least give a reason than just adding the stupid category tag at the bottom of the article. --DepthsOfVoid (talk) 19:08, 23 August 2014 (EDT)

Hi, the Admin has made all edits appear as Anonymous for viewers of the Recent Changes. I am well aware of what the wiki is to contain, and am not trying to keep people from adding certain content. I marked those pages because there was no content or anything indicating context. I apologize if you were working on them, but I assumed they were just left alone for others to work one since all there was was "more info needed". I did not know if that was intended as a message for yourself or for future editors. I did put reasoning in regards to the context, though I should have said "temporarily" with what I already had. L.D.T.S.A. (talk) 19:16, 23 August 2014 (EDT)

Do note that even if your pages are marked for deletion, I and any mods I employ won't delete them unless we see a legitimate reason to; if we don't, we'll simply remove the article from the category. If we were to just delete any page added to this category, any random wazoo could add it to any random page and ruin what could be potentially hundreds of hours of work. In addition, MediaWiki doesn't immediately dump the contents of an article - if for some reason we delete a page you're invested in, and feel there was a mistake, simply contact us for undeletion.

For future clarification, I've created an article outlining Parachan's deletion policy.