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AKA Beset, Aha
Gender Male,Female ⚧
The sigil bears a striking resemblance to Bes playing the harp, with the curve going downward representing his tail and the circled cross his forward-facing head, unseen in other Egyptian gods.

Bes is an ancient Egyptian god. The sigil shown is referenced in the Dictionary of Occult, Hermetic and Alchemical Sigils which cites it from Signs and Symbols Illustrated and Explained, where it's stated to be an Egyptian symbol of "devil". This connection may arise from Bes' image informing part of the design of the Christian Devil,[1] as certain reliefs bearing his image show a strong resemblance. Potentially related is the Chinese character 鬼 which can mean ghost, demon, terrible, damnable, clever, sinister plot, or a suffix denoting a vice.


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