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The Tower Builder
AKA Malpas, Malthas
Enn Lirach Tasa Malphas Ayer
Gender Male ♂
Legions 40
Color Black , Light blue , Yellow , Green , Purple 
Element Air 🜁
Metal Lead ♄, Mercury ☿
Planet Mercury ☿, Saturn ♄
Zodiac Aries ♈, Libra ♎
Plant Marigold, Saffron, Mulberry, Holy thistle

Malphas, son of Andras, is a demon prince of hell who appears as a large black bird, possibly a crow or raven, and can take on black humanoid form on command. He builds citadels and impregnable towers, breaks down enemy barricades, and can reveal an enemy's secret thoughts and desires, which he can use to overwhelm and destroy them. He can gather professionals from great distances.[1]

Malphas can grant the ability to perform flawless divination and also bestow the ability to perfectly remember the astral journeys. He gives the ability to perfectly remember dreams and attain lucidity within them. Malphas can alter the astral body by giving it vampyric talons. Among the chakras, Malphas can especially empower the heart chakra.[2]


He can be a dangerous spirit to summon because he feeds on the vanity of humanity, his corruption plagues all that come in contact with him, and it is said that he drives those who dare to conjure him into various forms of insanity. These range from dementia, hallucinations and great illusions.[1] He graciously accepts sacrifices, but will then deceive the one who offers them.



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