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The Changer,
Prince of the Order of Thrones
AKA Amriel
Gender Female,Male ⚧
Planet Mars ♂
Zodiac Gemini ♊

Ambriel is a guardian angel who stands for clarity of thought, learning, positive communication, protection, assertiveness, awareness of the self, and the awakening of spirit. The message she carries is that one will not have to hide behind a mask of falsehood.[1] Ambriel is the protector of psychics; he brings clarity and mental harmony, improving their spiritual power. He is a great guide in meditation, helping one master their emotions and revealing the unlimited possibilities ahead. He also protects students, disciples, and teachers and can help with lessons and even exams.[2] He holds sacred knowledge about the destiny of each human being, helping to figure out your path and karma.

Ambriel appears on ancient kamea, used as wards against evil.[3]

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