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Angel of Truth
AKA Advachiel, Aduachiel, Adernahael, Adnachief
Gender Male ♂
Color White , Blue 
Zodiac Sagittarius ♐

Adnachiel is a guardian angel who brings the ultimate truth, wisdom, power, and independence. He inspires those who pray to him to be honest and take life into their own hands. He reveals those who betray you and your true purpose in life.[1] Adnachiel rules over the Choir of Angels with Phaleg. He may have control of the four elements, and he carries an amulet which cures stomach ailments. While not an archangel himself, Adnachiel works closely with the them. It is said that he is a shining entity that helps seekers open the door to the spiritual light of the soul.[2]


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