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Tiwaz is a rune from the Futhark set.

It is a member of the third Aett or family, associated with the god Tyr (which gives his name to Tuesday), although it is possible that the actual existence of this god may be due to a misunderstanding on Snorri Sturluson's part in his Edda.

Its phonetic value is "t".

Tyr is a proper noun meaning simply "god". Tyr is thus synonymous with As (pl. Æsir). The story about Tyr losing his arm in Fenris mouth may have come about as a result of the old rune poems where it says that "Tyr is a one-armed As" refering to the form of the runes in question where the runes are differentiated simply by the fact that As usually has two arms and Tyr just one.

In the "practical magic" part of Havamal there is a poem describing a way to become invincible in battle by twice carving Tyr on the hilt and blade of the weapon.

Symbolic or divination meanings are as follows: