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A thoughtform is any non-physical being, generally used to refer to a being created from pure thought or originating from the astral plane. Various systems exist for classifying types of thoughtforms.


In this system of beliefs, it is possible for a servitor to become an egregore, or even godform with enough time, development, and energy. The same is true for all thoughtforms; any thoughtform that fits into one category, can potentially make the transformation into another. Generally, unless there is something pushing a thoughtform to advance, it will stay in the same category it started in.

  • A servitor is an autonomous thoughtform capable of simple tasks, but lacking any sentience.
  • An egregore is a sentient thoughtform with its own energy and will, independent of any other.
  • A godform is much like an egregore, but far more powerful and are often the subject of worship.


Thoughtform are also commonly thought of as a psychological phenomena. Tulpa, particularly, with their popularity are often considered under this model. Though generally capable of thought independent of the host, tulpa are thus thought to be dependent on their host's mind in order to live.

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